Bill Stadler

Viewing and Printing Drawings "View Only" or with the Viewer

Discussion created by Bill Stadler on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2013 by Brian McEwen

Today we create a neutral image (PDF) for every drawing created for viewing and printing purposes.  We have eliminated PDFs for AutoCAD which we can view native with the viewer and print through our print program.  We are looking at doing the same for SolidWorks Drawings.  In the past we had, issues with View Only (which is the same image viewers see) are not always correct, blank or up to date, especially with multiple sheet drawings.  I have not done any testing with this in SW2010 and SWE-EPDM 2010 to see if it is any better.


Is anyone viewing and printing directly from the slddrw either in view only mode or through a viewer?  Are the views always accurate?