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flow simulation with moving part

Question asked by 1-S09374 on Jun 23, 2010

  I'm new to flow simulation and am trying to do a flow problem with a part that moves at 156 mph. The flow trajectories and pressure distribution on the nose look reasonable but the pressure values are way too low. The stagnation pressure should be about .43 psi but the model only shows .104 psi. For boundary conditions I have a moving wall going 2746 in/sec on all the external surfaces.

  I also have 2 other conditions with flow through the sides and output through the aft center face. One is at 156 mph and the other is at rest. The pressure difference is very little at the exit. It would seem that the moving condition would give a bigger pressure difference between input and output than at rest. The boundary conditions were static pressure at input and mass flow at output.

  Any help would be appreciated.