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Solidworks and BIM Software

Question asked by sandeep pawar on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Rick McDonald

We want to be able to show our products in different environments like warehouses, inside a container, office spaces, open spaces etc. We were wondering what BIM (Building Information Management) software can be used along with solidworks for that? We use solidworks to model our products and do not have any knowledge of architectural layouts. Most BIM softwares (e.g Revit, ArchiCad) need knowledge of architectural symbols and layouts. so we need a software that can provide the enviroment and we can just place our 3D model in there. We briefly looked at PhotoWorks, Modo, EON Reality etc but not sure if it will work for us or not. Do you have any suggestions? We do not want to spend a lot on software and hardware.


Your advice is appreciated. Thanks.