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Third party assistance suggestions for EPDM setup and implementation

Question asked by Glenn Parks on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2010 by Mike Sveda

We have finally settled on Enterprise PDM for our data management system since it does have the item centric BOM capability we want and appears to work better with SolidWorks and Toolbox.


We are now looking for a third party company to work with us on the setup and implementation of the software, including workflows, since we really do not have the personnel available to dedicate to this on a full time basis at this point and we would prefer to work with a company that has the experience needed to do the implementation as seamlessly as possible.


Has anyone out there worked with a third party company, such as Barry-Wehmiller, on a EPDM startup?  If so, I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on how it went and if you were satisfied with the work that the third party did for your application. We intend to use the EPDM for the Engineering drawing management and the Engineering bill of materials data that will then be transferred to our Syteline 8 ERP system.  We are also very interested in the possible usage of Sharepoint as an entry window into EPDM for individuals outside of the Engineering group. We are a mid-sized company and will be starting up with approximately 50-70 licenses with an item database size of about 150,000 items initially. Appreciate any information or advice you could provide.