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Vesion, Revision, Working version etc.

Question asked by Faur Arama on Jun 23, 2010

We have a problem I don't know how to resolve.


PDMWE 2008 and SW 2008

In PDM we want to use latest version


One of the users from Designers group must make a revision and make a transition to a specific workflow. On the folder that file reside all users of the designers group has "Read file contents" and "Show working version" set to on. Now when another user open that file he gets latest version that is in modification (revision state).

I try to set "Show working version" to off but in this case the user that work on revision can't see the files is working on.

I try to set "'Read file contents" to off for the specific revision state but it has no effect, the others users can see files that are in revision state.


Bottom line: I want that only the user that makes modification in a revision state to see the files that is working on. The others users to see only the last approved revision.


If anyone has a solution please give me an advice.