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SimulationXpress Displacement Coordinates

Question asked by 1-RZ0XRD on Jun 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2010 by 1-RZ0XRD

I am fairly new to using SimulationXpress.  I've been using the version from Solidworks Professional 2009 to observe how a part will deform as I increase the applied load.  I did not optimize my design, and clicked on the "show me the displacement distribution in the model" radio button in the results tab.  I notice a maximum displacement of XX.XXX mm depending on what magnitude of load I applied, but am curious as to in which direction this "displacement" is.  I then clicked on "generate an HTML report" hoping that there was additional information as to which direction the maximum displacement is in.  I noticed in the "displacement" section of the report that it has a minimum displacement value, a minimum displacement location, a maximum displacement value, and a maximum displacement location.  The locations are described in what I believe to be coordinates (, yy.yyy, zz.zzz).  Is this correct?  My problem is that I am finding that when I vary the applied load, say from 0.1psi to 25psi, the displacement value increases, as expected, but the displacement coordinates remain the same.  What is the reason for this?  Any information would help.  Thanks