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Drawing Property Links

Question asked by Jerry Watts on Jun 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Chris Appleby

I've been trying to decypher this SolidWorks Help for a while and I guess I just don't understand.  In this:, it says:

"To automatically insert information in a drawing, you can link note   text in the drawing sheet or drawing sheet format to document   properties. For the procedure to add a link in a note, see Link to Property.

All SolidWorks documents have   system-defined properties, including the following:

Property   Name



Author field in Summary   Information dialog box


...and it goes on for quite a few items including dates and material.  The only property links that work for me are file name and folder name everything else I've always had to enter manually.  As we get busier it would be nice to have this working.


I haven't been able to figure out where to add information for "checked by", "eng approval", "material", "finish" etc.  Even though I put the material on the solid or the design journal it just doesn't show up automatically.  AND even though it's suposed to return "ERROR" if the information isn't found the only thing that does is "weight" and "scale"(I think).  I assume the links have to refer someplace for the information but where?  The "properties" of the Anotations in the Title Block are set to  use custom properties from "current document" but it doesn't seem to  make any difference how it's set.  Am I suposed to  create an Database or something in the drawing folder  attached to the drawing, or model, somehow, for a reference?  Just stabbing in the dark since at this oint I'm lost...