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Bom, delete a row and it goes 'boem'

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Jun 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2010 by Peter De Vlieger

I did a look around and I didn't quickly find this so perhaps the more knowledgeable among you can help me out.


Is it a known issues or not, or am I doing something wrong, that it happens every so often that I have BOM in a piping drawing that looks like it should, and behaves normally until I decide that I have to add a row or want to edit a row and the result is that the Solidwork crashes. Once it does that it will keep doing it with that drawing. Deleting the BOM and inserting a new one doesn't make a difference.


The only solutions I have found so far is either start from ziltch, making a new drawing with new views etc, or else not using the BOM functionality but just do it the ol' fashioned way and making a table by hand.


There must be a better way, and if so I hope you'll share it.