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Loft operation with open loops.

Question asked by 1-ODLTPT on Jun 22, 2010
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I am trying to create a very simple shell by using Loft operation. First, I create 3 open splines with the end of the all 3 splines joined together. I then using the Loft command and select the 3 splines in the proper sequence, I made sure to click in the similar areas on the splines to avoid twisting. The preview was looking OK, but when I clicked the "green check icon", I receive the "can not knit sheets together error". See picture.


I tried reverse the order of the spline, but did not help. If I select the "close loft" option, it will complete the operation without error. But that is not what I wanted to do.


What did I do wrong? I am going crazy. Please help.


Thank.Loft - Can not knit sheets together error.JPG