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How to add a "real" texture onto the surface of a part?

Question asked by Ken Burgess on Jun 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2016 by Jan Jurjen Zwaard

I'm working on a plastic enclosure / case that I am having built using 3D printing. I would like to add a texture to the surface of the part and have the texture on the part when it's 3D printed. I'm not at all concerned about  what it looks like on my screen or in "flat" prints. I want the texture, bumps or whatever to actually be in the surface when I get it back from the 3D prototyping machine. I also don't care too much about what the texture actually is, could be like a randomly "rough" surface, or small bumps, or like a leather grain. I want to make the part easy to "grip", but mostly I want to "hide" the small lines that result from the 3D printing process, so I can just paint it without having to sand it smooth first.


I'm rather a newbie at Solidworks, and I dont have (or care about Photoworks), but it seems like all the pointers I can find to "textures" have to do with looks and do not actually make "bumps" on the surface of the model.


The surfaces on the enclosure are simple, but not flat, they are curved, filleted etc. I'm looking for an "easy" way to make the whole thing actually "rough".


Thanks for any help, it will be greatly appreciated.