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General Question on Changing States

Question asked by Clark Honzik on Jun 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by Brian Dalton

I have two documents that are in the vault and are in my workflow state of Approved Document.  I take those two approved documents (sldprt's) and insert them into a brand new assembly and check the assembly in and the assembly automatically goes into a workflow state of "New Document".  All is good at this point.  Now I want to approve this new assembly to the "Approved State".  The system allows me to do this but from an end user stand point it is a little confusing to me the feedback that the system gives me from the state transition dialog.  It is ok with the assembly but it show's a warning message by the two approved documents "File is in wrong state".  The way I understand what the feedback is saying is that because the two approved documents are already in the "Approved State" they are in the wrong state to go to the "Approve Document" state.  That is the only sense that I can make of this.  The warning does not prevent me from accomplishing what I am trying to accomplish it just seems a little confusing to me.


We are in the process of implementing EPDM in our company and I am just posting this to see if anyone can tell me if what we are doing is incorrect.


We are useing EPDM 2010 SP3.0