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Lost Command Manager

Question asked by Glenn Schroeder on Jun 21, 2010
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I know this will probably sound strange, but when I opened SolidWorks this morning I had lost about half of the usable space on my monitor.  It is just a blank gray.  The problem seems to be tied to the Command Manager, because when I un-checked the Command Manager I got all of my space back and everything looks normal except for no Command Manager.  I can still work using taskbars but even they don't snap into position at the top or side of my monitor like they should.  By the way, if I log off of my computer and someone else logs on everything is back to normal so I guess it is something with my user settings but I didn't change anything.  I am told by someone here that it may have something to do with a re-size code.  I have un-installed 2010 sp2.1 and installed 2010 sp3.1 but it didn't help.  Any ideas?