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Large drawing files causes SW2010 to crash?

Question asked by 1-PNA4SM on Jun 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2010 by 1-PNA4SM

I am attempting to create a drawing from an assembly.  The assembly is large (25MB).  I have different configurations in the model to show the various build stages of the assembly.  As I attempt to save the drawing, I see (thru Windows Explorer) the file size for the drawing increase from about 30MB up to almost 100MB and then I get a "runtime error" and Solidworks shuts down.  The assembly itself is not causing any problems - just the drawing.  At first, we thought the drawing was corrupted, but creating a fresh drawing caused the exact same problem.


We are using SW 2010, SP 3.1.  The Dell machine I'm using has WinXP/SP2, 4GB of RAM and has an NVIDIA FX570 graphics card with the latest driver downloaded from the Solidworks website (not the greatest card, but it works).  We encountered the exact same problem on another machine with WinXP/SP2, 6GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA FX4600 graphics card with the latest driver from SW.


We loaded the files onto a laptop operating Win7 with 4GB of RAM.  The drawing opened fine, saved fine, and we were able to download it to the PDM Vault without any issue.  I also sent the Solidworks RX file to our VAR and they had no issue with the files.  This is not a reasonable solution as the laptop is a personal one, not company property.


I'm beginning to think that the drawing file is just too large for the computer to handle.  Has anyone else had issues with these "runtime errors" when working with large files?  This is a new issue that never occurred with similarly sized files (but not quite as big) when we had 2008 SP 5.1 loaded.


The VAR recommended a complete reinstall of 2010, which isn't very palatable considering how long it takes.