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Speedpak seems to not display properly as I expected

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Jun 18, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by Richard Stevenson

I'm new to 2010 (xp64, sw2010 sp3.1), and getting into using speedpak.  It seems though to not display properly.  I am leaving the ghost option unchecked, so as I understand, all faces should be displayed.  But, what is happening is that all of the speedpak items are showing with the selected included faces missing, which is opposite of what I think it is supposed to do.  Yes, when I select faces to include in speedpak, those faces are missing in the next assembly which I insert the speedpak into, as seen in the included snapshots.


Am I misunderstanding, or is this just another feature that is broken?


Also along that line, I am wondering if all of these bugs are more or less problematic on various operating systems and/or hardware, or if they are universal across all machines/OS.  Does everyone have a bug in nearly every feature or am I just lucky?


FYI my PC isn't the newest, Dell Precision 670, xp64, ram maxed out.  Yes I've requested a new computer, but will it be less buggy?



Speedpak 2.JPGSpeedpak 3.JPGSpeedpak 1.JPG