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Question asked by 1-RGGBN8 on Jun 17, 2010



Is there any way to get flow trajectories or any of the visual results plots into a drawing? I need to make some good drawings. The only ways that I have found that I can make the flow trajectories into geometry is either "create curves" or save as VRML (*.wrl). It is an external flow simulation around and through a building. The graphics are as (or more) important than the actual data.


I want to output the graphics that it produces which are pretty good, neither of these really does that. The VRML will output the arrows as mesh ribbons with the color mapping, the colors are wrong though and I can only open the file with the colors in Rhino, I cannot get it into solidworks with the colors. Plus it is a mesh which even if converted into nurbs in Rhino and re imported is very messy.


I can output any of this stuff into an edrawing but I cannot for the life of me make a solidworks drawing with it. The only saving grace is that I can save image files at 5000x5000. You would think (sorry I'll try not to do that too much) that I could make a drawing out of anything that I make in solidworks. I started using Flow Simulation about a month ago so if I am missing something obvious feel free to tell me. If I can make an edrawing why not a regular drawing? Obviously the geometry is there.


It would make my summer if I could make VECTOR drawings out of my SW Flow Simulation results! (even without colors)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using SW2009 sp3 on XP pro 64