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PDM and custom properties? New to this side of things....

Question asked by Ryan Hudson on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2010 by Joe Hasik

So like many of you I have been asked to do some CADD admin work and I certainly am in the dark. I understand (or think I do) the very basics of custom properties, tab builder and the like. However.....I cannot seem to get the description field to populate automatically when I try to save the drawing. And then when I try to save it into PDM (Workgroup) the custom properties show through and not the actual value.


Does anyone know of a documented step by step for dummies like myself on how to acheive the result I'm looking for?

All I want to do is to open a new part file (with my new part template), design something, enter the data in the custom prop tab and have that propagate all the way to this possible?


See the collection of screenshots to share in my misery.





PDM Custom Prop Issues.JPG