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    Re-Ordering items in BOM's

    Scott McFadden

      When I grab a line item in a BOM and drag it to a new location it will only let me place it in certain locations

      showing either a red "Not" sysmbol or the right angle arrow to where it can be placed.

      I need to reorder this indented BOM and some items no matter where I drag it to wont let me drop

      it in the order I need to have it in.


      Has anyone foound a work around to this problem?

      Besides manual typing?



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          Jason Weatherall

          I didn't even know you could do that!



          I use the sort command and sort my part numbers descending.

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              Scott McFadden

              Yeah, it allows you to RMB holding it down and drag it to another line and the BOM re-orders the item numbers.

              The problem I am having is I have an indented BOM and I have some sub-assemblies that are left as is and others

              that have the parts broken out of them with the assemblies removed.  The order I have been requested to put this BOM

              in requires me to drag items that are part of these sub-assemblies technically out of their sub-assembly so called group

              and Solidworks wont allow that to happen.

              I am just trying to order it the best I can with in the boundaries I am given.

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                  Robert Thomson


                  If you are reordering the BOM, is the final Bom in numeric order, if so, you could hand type (bad word) the item number and the use re-order button.


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                      Scott McFadden


                      No, the BOM is not in numerical order.

                      Here's the deal, before I got this assembly (which I didn't create or have anything to do with prior to this BOM)

                      the parts were put into our corporate system (Oracle) and I was instructed to order the BOM that appears in Solidworks

                      in the same order as the one in Oracle.

                      Now with that said, the reason I was given this task is because I implemented automated BOM's (some love it and others

                      hate it) replacing what they had which was drawing lines and creating text in the drawing and either copying each line

                      at a specific space or arraying them.  The higher ups love the automated BOM's and the one I am doing this drawing for

                      is yet to be convinced.  So he has almost set me up for failure.  So I am trying my best to work through this mess!!!

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                          Robert Thomson

                          Another solution, which could be more trouble than it's worth, is re-order your Ass'y model to match how you want the BOM to look and use that option on your BOM.  Ormaybe you could create a column number it so you BOM is what you want, sort it and hide the column.

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                              Nigel Bennett

                              You can do all sorts of horrible fudges like selecting the option that parts in the sub-assy are excluded from the BoM, and then adding dummy parts with no geometry but appropriate names to the main BoM in order to generate the BoM you're after.


                              This is the way to ruin, though - unless the BoM you have on the drawing is a true reflection of your SW model, then mistakes will occur later when somebody else picks up the job. If you don't use the SW functionality to create the BoM from your model automatically, then you may as well type it all in manually as has been suggested before and add a note on the drawing, warning that's it's a manual BoM and won't update automatically when the model changes.

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                                  Scott McFadden


                                  I totally agree with you.  This is how this company used to do it, manually adding the BOM.

                                  The BOM I currently have on the drawing is all driven by Solidworks properties and isn't

                                  quite in the same order as the BOM from Oracle, but it is about 75-80% there.

                                  Solidworks just wont allow me to move the other 20-25%.  I suspect because of the

                                  Sub-assembly factor.

                                  It is what it is!!!

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                                  Scott McFadden

                                  The thought of re-ordering the components in the assembly is a good idea, but I think in this

                                  case it wont work because of the sub-assembly factor.  Meaning some of the parts need to be shown

                                  in a different order which means they would have to be dragged out of their sub-assembly and put

                                  else where.

                                  The column idea?  Not sure how that would work.


                                  Thank you though!!

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                                    Scott McFadden


                                    Would your company happened to be hiring?

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                            Tom Helsley

                            Re-ordering the assembly is most robust.


                            Something that may prevent manual re-ordering is grouped items (indicated by identical item numbers).  Ungroup them and then you should be able to move an item between the two previously grouped items.

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                                Scott McFadden

                                I am not allowed to un-group them.  I think that would be the cats meow if I could.

                                Kind of what I meant in the beginning of this leniage trail when I said

                                my hands were some what tied and almost setup for failure in trying

                                to show how this automated BOM works to those that need to be convinced.

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                                    Tom Helsley

                                    Scott, Sorry I didn't respond earlier.


                                    When you say, "I am not allowed," do you mean because of company policy, or do you mean SolidWorks won't let you?  If you are talking about the latter, then there are two ways items are grouped in a SolidWorks BOM.  The first is manually, by the user, on an as-needed, explicit basis.  The second is by how the BOM is displayed and configured (type of BOM) in SolidWorks.  In the second case, if you choose to display the BOM as an indented BOM, then you are stuck with the assembly & subassembly heirarchy.  I haven't done an indented BOM in a long time, so I may be incorrect about this... I think, there are some options that determine whether to show the same item number for all items in a subassembly, or to give each item a unique item number.

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                                        Scott McFadden


                                        Not a problem.

                                        No I am not allowed to ungroup because in this specific division of the company they are not allowiong me

                                        to do it.

                                        I am working through it, but it hasn't been easy.

                                        Prior to this bill I haven't done an indented bill as well, so it has been an experience.

                                        I am just used to plopping the bill on the drawing with all the predefined properties filling in.


                                        Thanks Tom for your help.



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                                    Scott McFadden

                                    It ends up the way I wanted to reorder the BOM was not possible.