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Parts disappearing in Assemblies requiring reopening.

Question asked by Justin Roskowske on Jun 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by Justin Roskowske

I've been having a problem the last two days that's really frustrating and it's never happened before.  I am working on a mold with a lot of components.  If I have the mold open and decide I want to open an individual component, I will click on the part I want and select Open Part.


Here's where the problem starts:

When the part opens, it will show on the screen for a split second then immediately disappear.  The feature tree will show all of my features for that part, but nothing can be seen.  When I go back to the assembly, the part is shown in the feature tree but cannot be seen in the Assembly.  If I want to get it back, I have to close and reopen the assembly.


To get around this I've been saving my work on the assembly, closing it then opening the part on it's own.


I'm using PDMWorks for my document management on SolidWorks 2010 SP 3.0.