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Set document as non-revision controlled (not working copy)

Question asked by 1-184YI3 on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by Matthew Lorono

We are implementing PDM workgroup (secont attempt to do so).  The current problem I have is that when purchased items (such as air cylinders, sensors, etc) are checked in they get a revision assigned to them like any other document.  When we created a Bill of Materials later that revision shows up on the BOM, we then have to manually delete the revisions.  Is there a way to set a flag in PDM workgroup (potentially using VB as I already have a VB interface to add custome properties) to indicate that the document is not revision managed?  The only answer I have found thus far is to use "working copy" but, I am afraid the users will abuse the "working copy" scheme and use it for their design parts as well negating the revision managing functions in PDM.  I have inquired with my VAR but, they have rarely been useful in answering questions, this group has answered questions much faster and more accurately.