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Error messages, could they be even less helpful please ?

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by Scott McFadden

What's wrong ?


(the following is word for word, including the gramatical errors)

Routing fittings could not be created for some segments. Examine the properties of the connection point at the each ends of the segments, and specify the same properties for both points.


What good is this message? All you get to see is that there's a red cross on the route and that's it. Not one route part shows up as an error, nor any component nor any sketch relation nor anything else. Just one red cross on the route and that's it.


All it does is forcing the user to go a wild goose chase to find that one point in a route that seems to have a problem. The program knows it has a problem but I guess someone at SW thought that we users have so much freetime that they decided to make a game of it.


Now be a good little user and go find the error that the program has kicked up because you did a "remove pipe" or because you replaced a fitting by another fitting in the correct manner and rather then notifying you on the spot that something is causing a booboo because the program couldn't figure out that part A should still be connected to part B we'll wait until you did a rebuilt and save and then make you search for the elusive error


Is it really so difficult for the programmers that if the program deems something to be wrong to actual have the possiblity to show where exactly the error occurs?

Think about it! If the program is 'smart' enough to find an error then the program knows where the error is. If it didn't it wouldn't be able to tell that there was something wrong.


Sorry for the rant people but you have to admit that sometimes you have to wonder who makes up the what's wrong messages. I'm starting to think it's a petulant 9 nine year old brat.