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SldShellExtServer.exe - dozens of instances

Question asked by 1-44YOVK on Jun 15, 2010

I support engineers in a least priveledged mode environment.  We're having a problem on a system running SolidWorks Pro 2009 SP2.1.  The process SldShellExtServer.exe seems to be spawning literally dozens of times on one machnine, each instance using about 5MB of RAM.  Anyone know why this is happening?  This is a Win32 system (XPsp3), the end user is in the users group of the system, but the software was installed with an administrative level account.  Also, the system is encrypted with a whole disk encryption product by Guardian Edge software, and the system priviledges are 'enchanced' with the beyond trust priviledge manager product.  If any of these items ring a bell with anyone as to why there is a problem, I'd appreciate any feedback.