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Gulf Oil Spill X-Prize,  Call for Creative Ideas and Solutions

Question asked by Mac Baker on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2010 by Mac Baker

Now is your chance to get involved and participate in a worthy and necessary challenge.  Please contact your group leaders and encourage them to participate in this endeavor on a grass roots basis.  Have them hold local contests and forward the Winners and honerable mentions to the Richmond SolidWorks Users Goup for judging on a national level.


I've posted this idea underneath the group leaders section and will want to interact with the group leaders there.


Here is a copy of my posting to the group leaders section.


Group Leaders,

I'm quite interested in sponsoring / hosting and leading off a necessary challenge / call for ideas to help lessen the ongoing oil spill crisis in the Gulf.


The Earth can't wait for a conventional solution that might not work.  I'm looking for us to ask our group members to explore in solidworks some ideas for capping techniques and designing clean up equipment.  Let's begin to come up with backup plans and alternatives now.


I'm wanting to pull out all of the stops and help spark a national / international effort.


Sound interesting???




Talk amongst yourselves, I'm envisioning that each usersgroup could sponsor it's own local contest over the next month and a half, award prizes to the top two solutions and forward the winners and honorable mentions to me or a central location that would publish them and make them available to the general public.


To Qualify, the work would have to be performed in SW and be accompanied with a 200 to 300 word description. I'm sure we can all find a couple of sponsors who can pony up a little cash.  I'm digging into my own pockets to get the ball rolling. ie 100.00 1st, 50 2nd.



I'm working on the details and I'm looking for the group leaders to announce these details to the contest at their next meetings and issue a have a call for entries then.


The Goal would be to begin to get creative ideas / minds within the Solidworks Usergroups and beyond that would have been otherwise not engaged trying to best guess solutions that could help make a difference.


I'm hoping this idea would catch on like wildfire and potentially make a difference. I'll pony up 100.00 Min. of my funds as a first stage local top prize for Richmond.


I'm hoping the other groups scattered across the US would like the idea and have their own competitions and the top two entries from each usersgroup from around the country could get submitted to several well funded/ capable companies for consideration as a solution.


The call for entries would have two categories:

Capping / tapping the pipe

Clean up equipment


The competition will need to be announced soon and end Mid to end of  July.  Again, the entries would have to be drawn in Solidworks and be accompanied by a narrative limited to 200 to 300 words.


That's the gist of the idea....


The Earth can't wait for a conventional solution and we need to pull out all of the stops and help spark a national / international effort.


Sound interesting???





Plz contact me if you like the idea and can help us get a little press.

If this idea takes off I'll need a couple of people to assist on this project.