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Breaking up Some sub-assemblies but not all in BOM's

Question asked by Scott McFadden on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by Josh Brady

I have a rather lengthy BOM with subassemblies in it.  I know I can set the BOM to be parts only, but

that would break up all of the sub-assemblies and I don't want that.  I could also hide the sub-assemblies

I want to break up and manually add the components from each of them, but that is not my preference either because

all of these components have driving properties to the BOM and I would like to utilize that functionality.


Does anyone know of a way to break up just these few sub-assemblies keeping the property relations

without having to do what I described above and without having to eliminate the sub-assemblies in the

assembly mode as well?