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SW Simulation Theral Study ends in error

Question asked by Sahaj Panchal on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2010 by Florian Duda

Hi everyone,


I've just started learning the SolidWorks Simulation. I'm an Aeronautical Engineer and keen to learn these kinda tools.

So here we go.

My problem is when I start a simple thermal study in the SW Simulation, it goes on perfectly until the solution step. It ends in error without even starting, just after the mesh is created. The error message I got everytime is...


Security Device is not responding

Please Install Security Device

Click to Continue.

Click Cancle to quit from the program.


When I press OK, the message reappears, clicking the Cancle quits the calculation process and Message appears...Part1-Study 1: Failed.


Can you please identify the problem?

I'll be very thankfull to you for an answer.