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Access and the BOM in EPDM

Question asked by Matthew Villarreal on Jun 14, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2010 by Tony Kinas



I am trying to get access to read information from the BOM that I have made in the PDM.  Everything seems to be working fine on the PDM side, but I can't seem to find the BOM in access.  The only way I can find it is by saving the BOM first.  The problem with this process is that since we are expecting for the BOM to change often, there will be multiple versions of the BOM laying around.  So I have two main questions:


Is there a way to write over the past versions of a BOM so I have just "version 1" all the time?


Is there a way to read the native BOM instead of having to save each ime I make a change to my assembly?


Thanks and Gig'em!