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Sheet Metal Cone, Bend Lines & Bend Notes incorrect in drawings

Question asked by Chris Perry on Jun 14, 2010



I'm trying to get bend lines to show properly on a sheet metal cone feature with flanges (made with a Lofted-Bend).  When I drop the flat pattern into the drawing, it creates bizarre bend line information, if anything at all.  Much of the time it displays nothing, even though sketches are set to be viewed in the drawing and the Bend-Lines sketch under the Flat-Pattern feature is emphatically set to "Show" in the model.


In the case above, it doesn't give a bend line at the center of the central bend and drops the bend note off to one side, combined with one of the flange bend lines.




Note: We're currently still stuck w/ SW 2009 for some internal company reason in case this doesn't happen with SW 2010.