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CSWA question

Question asked by 1-KDQEYO on Jun 14, 2010
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I am currently running the 2010 student version of SolidWorks along with the SW fundamentals tutorial DVD from Inspiritech. Up to now I've had no problems accessing any of the files in the tutorial, nor in creating my own models. However, I am at the point where models are analyzed using the simulation xpress add-in, and here is where I am encountering problems.


The tutorial provides an already created model (a simple bracket) to which I am to exert a force load of 864nm to the top face. After following along the various steps I press 'run simulation'. The program begins crunching the numbers but about 2/3 of the way thru it stops and I get the following error message:


SWFUND10EI7.1.1 simulation study:

Study failed


No explanation of why it failed, just a error dialog box with the above text and an OK button.


Thinking it might be something within their tutorial model I created an exact copy and re-ran the simulation, but with the same results.

The strange thing is if I take the original design (three 10mm wide x 7mm thick members - one horizontal, one vertical, one angled connecting the ends) and simplify it by remove the angled member I am able to run the simluation, although I get a similar error message in the opimization portion of the study.


So, my question is how will this impact my ability to take the CSWA exam?


I should add that I am running SW on an old Dell (Dimension E520) and graphics card (Nvidea GeForce 7300 LE) neither of which appear to be listed on the SW system requirements page. Upgrading the former is not in the cards at the moment, but am open to getting a better card *if* one is needed to take the CSWA exam.


Is the graphics card the problem, or possibly something else? My ancient rig is running a Pentium (R) 2.80 Ghz w/ 2g RAM.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.