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library feature wont copy in planes

Question asked by Patrick Kelly on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by Chad Ice

So I've been trying to make a library feature for a while and have an error that won't let me move forward.  There is initially a complex hole on a flat plane, then four screw holes surrounding the top of the hole and a  divot that goes across the top of the hole (see picture).  When I initially did this I made two planes referencing the hole, and then built the screw and divot features off of these planes.  However, when I try to drag this library feature onto a part, it doesn't copy the planes over and ends not working.  I tried to at least reference the screws without planes, but when I make a library feature with just the hole and screws and use it, all of the screw holes end up in the same hole.  I have spent hours trying to fix this, any suggestions here?