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21st century CAM - just print and go.

Question asked by Simon Brooke on Jun 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2010 by Simon Brooke


     Does anyone know what software we would need to get 2D geometry from SolidWorks to our Sieb & Meyer 35.00 controller on a Lenz PT415 drilling machine? We have tried all sorts over the years but have never had much joy; never had the time to fuss about writing post processors or to massage output from existing ones to correct end of block markers or shift/rotate geometry to make it land in the drilling area. I can't help thinking that in this day and age of sophistication and simplicity, there must be a fairly straightforward graphical CAM package that would be up to the job of taking the SW drawing and letting the drill operator add break-outs, step and repeats and tool selections etc. Does anyone know of such a package?


I don't think getting an Excellon controller for the drill is an option as the operator prefers Sieb & Meyer for manual jobs.


Thanks for your help and fingers crossed for this time! I can't wait to see our old drill milling out all those fanciful shapes in sheets of perspex and brass at the click of a few buttons instead of the poor operator spending hours and hours typing in router paths.