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Relating dimensions to each other...

Question asked by Troy Bungard on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by Jerry Steiger

Ok, please forgive me as I am a former Inventor guy -


When I sketch something in Inventor and begin to constrain it - let's say a rectangle ... and I want the height to be 2/3 the length ... in Inventor I would draw the rectangle,

then d0 dimension would be length .... d1 dimension would be height - and as I created the dimension - the text box comes up for input of value ... at that moment, in inventor, I could click on the first dimension and it would drop the d0 into the box - then i could simply type a formula for the dimension.... such as d0*.66 or (d0*2)/3 ...etc.


I'm having a really hard time finding the information on this.  I'm guessing probably because inventor verbage is different then solidworks verbage, and I'm searching for the wrong keyword... based on what I'm used to.


And no, I haven't had formal training - I was hired, a computer was purchased, along with software - and a "here ya go... have at it..." mentality.


I know this can be done - and I know it's a little more involved in the proper syntax such as d1@sketch4, etc... but I simply haven't found the information I'm looking for regarding the procedures to do this.


thank you all --