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Link Sheet Metal Thickness to Gauge

Question asked by Chris McPhee on Jun 10, 2010



I do a fair bit of work with sheet metal parts and an issue I have had with sheet metal parts is getting the actual gauge (not material thickness) to show up in the title blocks without having to manually enter the information.


Currently I have a work around where each sheet metal part has a design table attached which reads the material thickness, looks up the corresponding thickness and displays the resulting "gauge". I then combine that output with the type of material to come up with a value of say "11 GA. AISI 304 S/S".


The only issue with the system right now is that I have to update the design table in order to get the material notes to update so the value displayed in the title block is correct. Please see the attached Excel sheet for my current set-up.


Does anybody do anything differently or have any systems set up to convert the material thickness to gauge?