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    Understanding Workflow

    Raymond Pearson

      I'm trying to get a better understanding of workflow assigns work. On my current system I initiate a process and attached the checked out documents and cad files. I open the flowchart (the users see the flowchart), select the next node, and assign users from a predefined group (say Purchasing). Purchasing gets the package in their inbox, performs some work and does the same.


      In EPDM workflow:


      How do you keep a group of files together in under one Change Notice?

      How do you assign work, are "notifications" assignments?

      How about cc copies when I just want to notify?

      How about automatic alerts and due dates?

      How are the menu updated for transitions, to select the next path?

      How does a group capture the work from their inbox, and prevent someone else from capturing.


      I think workflow has great automation tools for handling files within the Engineering department. But I'm having trouble picturing a process that flows across departments for review and signoff. The tools seem to lack some visibility.

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          Brian Dalton

          This deserves a bump, as nobody ever answered and I think there are some good questions here.

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            Wayne Matus



            These questions would best be answered by your VAR during a detailed demo of EPDM. I will try to answer for other's benifit, but answeringt these questions will bring up many more.


            The best way to keep files together is to have a Change Notice/ Work Order document in EPDM and attach your files to this docment. I did a presentation at SolidWorks World 2011 on automating ECx process. My presentation is on the downloads page my web site www.wlmservices.net.


            You really do not assign work in EPDM. The notifications are a way of letting someone know that work needs to be done.


            cc copies would have to be done via a custom program if you want to send someone an email that they need to do work and copy others to let them know someone else is doing the work.


            Automatic alerts and due dates would also have to be a custom program. Now you can generate reports on the length of time a files has been in a state. I have a task addin on my website that does this.


            If you select a single file and change it's state, only the appropriate transition names will be available. Unfortunately if you select a folder and change state, all transitions will be listed since the files could be in different states and or workflows.


            You can send dynamic notifications where you pick a user for a list of users and only that user would get the notification. This would not prevent someone else that has permissions to do the work though.