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Wrapping a Sketch around a cylinder

Question asked by 1-AKDH9C on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2010 by 1-AKDH9C

First...I am very new to SW so this may be simple and I just don't know how.

That being said:

I need to wrap a sketch plane around a cylinder. The sketch will mostly be non-closed shapes.

Some sketch entities will start at one end of the cylinder and cross completly to the other side.

Some Entities will wrap all the way around the cylinder.

Once this sketch is projected onto the cylinder I will sweep Boss's / cuts to create the features.


Picture a rotary print drum.


I want to create the image on a flat plane and wrap it around so that when you roll it back out..well there you go.


I am using SW 2010 SP3.1


(I have tried to use the wrap tool to scribe the sketch onto the face of the cylinder but that will only do closed sketches, and it will not do sketch entities that extend to the edges of the cylinder)