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How to use Pack and go as a "site" design tool?

Question asked by Derek Beehler on Jun 10, 2010
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Pack and Go is great - BUT what about returning?


I believe pack and go was designed to work as I have questioned, although I am unsure exactly how and have not spent much time trying to figure it out.

I am hoping someone in the know will be able to share their knowledge.


I use pack and go as a "copy project" tool all the time and have read everything that I can fin in SW documentation so I am not completely ignorant to its use.


Here is my scenario and concerns.


I am working on a machine design and have progressed as far as I can on the office computer and now need to finalize dimensions, features and add some peripheral parts by working on-site from my laptop.

I want to pack and go to my laptop - do my site work - then "unpack-and-return" back to my file server when done.


I have done this with very simple, unlinked components before but I envision having issues with broken data links in this case.

I have my weldment profiles, toolbox items and sheet metal tables all used out of a database on my file server. I figure these links will be broken when Pack and go'ed to my laptop (I may not even have an assembly without any weldment profiles ), but lets say it copies this stuff.

When I come back from the site and want to put everything back where it started so all my standard data works again - how is this PROPERLY accomplished.


Thanks for your time