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    Rounding up wire cut lengths

    Peter Swan

      Anyone got any idea on how to roundup a cut length?


      Got a bunch of wires running through some conduit and each comes out with a slightly different lengths - each to 2 decimal places. Was trying to figure out of I could add a column with an equation that can take each calculated length and round it up in increments of say 50mm.

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          Peter Swan

          Well, I sort of figured it out eventually....


          1) added a column - entered equation: ={1}#'LENGTH'/100 and called the column "LENGTH/100"


          Where LENGTH is the routed wire length returned in my cut list table

          the # in front of 'LENGTH' strips the mm out of the column and delivers a number that I can work with

          the {1} gives me a precision of 1 decimal place


          so, for a cell with "LENGTH" of "2789.68mm" this equation gave me a calculated value of 27.9


          2) added second column next to "COLUMN/100" and entered equation: ='LENGTH/100'*100+10 "mm", called this one UPPED


          this multiples the value figured out in (1) above by 100 and thankfully doesn't add the precision back in (ie 27.9 x 100 = 2790, not 2879.68)

          then I add 10 for good measure

          and lastly the "mm" adds back the units to the answer


          Wella... 2879.68 becomes 2800


          I then go and hide the other 2 columns.....


          See attached jpegs for the result