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SNL 2010 on virtual server -> troubleshooting...

Question asked by Dominik Kirschner on Jun 9, 2010


We've installed Solidworks 2010 SolidNetWorkLicense Managr using a virtual machine (i don know eighter if we use vmware or microsoft VM...) .

I'm able to run solidworks 2010 from the client but I am not able to see, if there is a license in use (watchig the SNL-Admintool).

Although it is not possible to borrow a license. The client computer is telling me that the license (SolidWorks Standard) has been borrowed until tomorrow but disabling the network-connection and re-starting SolidWorks wont work anymore.


I'm aware, that virtual machines are not supported by SolidWorks but I would like to know if anyone else ran into such an issue in the past?


Any tips?
The Log file also is empty ... - what should a sucessful borrow-log look like?