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Am I doing this right?

Question asked by Jeff Oyog on Jun 8, 2010
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I have been using SW for about a year and a half now.  Since we started we were pretty good about keeping files iin folders but lately I have had to move a create new folders and move some sub assemblies.  I was told not to use Windows Explorer after we had problems in the begininng..  I now use SW explorer in SW Pro 2010 sp3.0 but find that the sub assemblies cannot be found when I re-open a model that uses the moved assembly.


Here is what I normally do.. say I have an assembly, call it A, it is composed of sub assemblies B,C D.  I need to move assembly D to another folder.  Sub assembly D is used in other assemblies in addition to assembly A.  I open SW exploret and find assembly D, click on it and drag it to the new folder location. I hit refresh and the assembly is cleared from the original location and now resides to the folder in which it was moved.  I close out of SWX and open SW and open part A.  All sub assemblies for part A except for sub assembly D show up.  in the feature manager tree the sub assembly is suppressed.  when I un-suppress the sub assembly D I get "the assembly not found" message and have to show SW where the assemlby was moved.


I thought that using SW explorer would keep me from having to re-point SW to the correct folders if files were moved?