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Macro to save jpg of iso view

Question asked by John Lindemann on Jun 8, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2020 by Nick Loewen

We are instituting a new inventory system and we have been asked to create isometric views of all current parts and any new parts or any new revisions.  I found a program in one of the forums that gets me pretty close to where I want to be but not quite all the way there.  I have two main objectives:


1.     Have a macro that is capable of being run through the task scheduler to create isometric .jpg images of all our old parts.

2.     Have a macro that can be run on individual parts to create isometric .jpg images of new or revised parts.


Why the macro I attached won't work for me:

  1. It creates .bmp's...I need .jpg's (our inventory software won't recognize .bmp's)
  2. It saves the file to the parent directory of the SW file...I need it to always save these .jpg's to one specific directory
  3. It asks me to confirm (the "Save as bitmap" button)...I need it to automatically do it so task scheduler can run it
  4. It doesn't change the view to isometric
  5. It changes the case of the letters in the file name to all lower case...I'd like for it to be the same as the original file name (not imperitive)


I have a very basic understanding of programming, I've gone through the code of the attached macro and I think I have a general understanding of it but I'm struggling to revise it...


many thanks for your help with this.