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Car Body thickness

Question asked by 1-RRAKCK on Jun 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by 1-RRAKCK

Would realy preciate if somebody could help me with surfacing.
i made a car body using 3D SKETHES and surface tools. I realy don't want to use planes and 2d skethces because it is realy annoing to do them.
Now i would like to cut out lights, door, roof etc to make them seperate parts and give thiknesses. builtd some parts to them and put togehter as ssembly.
is there a way to do that so that if i chagne body shape parts chage to.
i also want to give thickness to body but when i use thickness command then the thicknesses don't merge somekind of error cannot ....If i use thikness command to seperate lofts, then it works but then different lofts thikcnesses dont merge and leave odd caps between them.
If i use features loft hen also if i want to give thikness to loft it does not work.
If there is somebody who have worked a lot with surfaces and could help me maybe sharing msn would make it easier ?! ...
Thanks for all who can help....
And please dont comment the body disain my first body in solidworks :)and my first car body at alll