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File Access 4x Differences - troubleshoot advice

Question asked by Michael Hess on Jun 7, 2010

Hello Forum:


I am trying to troubleshoot big file access differences in two locations and I need some suggestions of what to look at.


I'm running two benchmarks at two locations. Anna Wood's Punch Holder and a Large Assembly open

(Large Assembly being 3900 parts/1100 unique, 340 assy/250 unique). The first "performance" benchmark

is similar - even with different processors we're within 20 seconds of each other. But the second "file access"

test is very different. The file that takes 1 min 10 sec to load on my system, takes 5 min 45 sec on their network.

If we copy the files to a local drive "over there" that drops to about 4 min 45 seconds.


What can be causing these kinds of differences?

The other site has slightly faster processors (about 2-3 years old), but they're only dual core, I have a quad core.

The other site runs 4 GB WinXP-32, I run on 8 GB Win7-64.

I have no idea if the hard drives are much different, but if both local and network access are this much slower,

is that even a factor?


Are there other things that could cause it?

Or any other things I can eliminate as not being factors (like graphics cards ...)?


The assembly loaded seems to take up about 2 GB. It does not load on a 2 GB system.

Does file access "speed" become an issue if you max out on RAM?


The file is opened with default settings "File Open."

(I think that means "Large Assembly Mode" is on).


Any pointers would be appreciated.


Thank You,