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comments/design binder

Question asked by Aaron Larson on Jun 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2010 by Aaron Larson

As a green hobbyist macro writer I thought I'd pose the question to the community before I spend hours trying to hack out some code for something that isn't probable.  I'd like SW to notify me if a model has comments or contents (other than the design journal) in the design binder.  We use comments frequently and I see value in the design binder also (even though the design journal doesn't seem to work anymore).  The only problem is I don't like to rely on the user to remember to check for comments or other useful design history tools.


Can I write a macro to:


  1. Notify the user if any comments exists or if something other than the design journal exists
  2. Allow the user to dismiss the message for the remainder of the session
    1. This would be in the case that a model is opened and closed repeatedly during a session


If anyone uses these features and has any other suggestions I'd be grateful to hear them.