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Cleaning up and Reinstalling Solidworks

Question asked by Aaron Kapelus on Jun 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2010 by P. Farnham

I've been using a network license of solidworks 2010 up until this week when I received my individual license + CD (SP 3.1). I uninstalled SW2010 and deleted related folders. When I tried to install from the new cd, I got an error and installation failed (I foolishly didn't save the error log...).


Now when I try to install, the installation size is considerably smaller (~5 Gbs the first time I tried to install, 0.89Gbs after getting that error). In the installation summary page under toolbox options it says "You are not installing Toolbox; a Toolbox location is not needed". When I proceed with Install Now I get the error: "The installed Toolbox folder cannot be found: C:\SolidWorks Data\. Make sure you have access to this directory. Solidworks installation or upgrade will fail if Toolbox is not present in this folder. To resolve this issue, repair the existing installation or select a different Toolbox option. This condition must be resolved before you can continute."


There is no SW program in 'add/remove programs' to remove. Has anyone seen this before? I'm completely lost.