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Fire Place Enclosure

Question asked by Brian Ramsay on Jun 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2010 by Brian Ramsay

I have made a sheet-metal fire place enclosure for one of our customers. I received the drawings in pdf format they looked like a kind of 2d auto-cad stlye of drawing. Now iam interested if i have made this the quickest and easy way to model and manufacture this product. Becouse of the size of the model i had to break it down into allot offf seperate sheet-metal parts we are limited to a 2500 mm brakepress.I would be greatfull if someone could take a look and advise if i have sone this the correct way iam just looking for some sheet-metal model tips this model took me half the day to draw up. The files are 2010.