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Ratchets and more involved animations

Question asked by 1-L1CE99 on Jun 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2010 by Lou Digilio

Hi,  I need to finish up a clock I'm making, and I need to  figure out how to make a working  ratchet (,  yoke driven by the pendulum or vice versa  (, and  the escapement moving with the timing wheel  (

I've heard that the "Cam" constraints might do the trick for the  ratchet, and maybe the yoke/pendulum. But I can't get a grasp on what  kind of objects the constraint is looking for. And I'm aware that making a constraint might not be the only thing that  needs to be done, so that's where the animations come in...I know  nothing about animations.


I'm using 2010 mainly because the download link for 2009 isn't working, so I have to get this to work on 2009 as well. If anybody could help me out it'd be much appreciated (as I've been losing sleep over this problem).


Now I'm quite familiar with the program just not some of the processes. So if anybody could give me a simple step-by-step of "press that button, select such and such, etc" that's all I'd really need.


Big thanks in advance.