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Can you link to the latest version of a file in EPDM via a URL?

Question asked by 1-RL7DX0 on Jun 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2010 by Jeff Sweeney

Our CAD admin is in the process of setting up  the web server module for EPDM and I am attempting to figure out to link it in with our other systems....


I have an internal web server which I use to present HTML output from various design tools.  This forms the basis of our design history file for the work currently in progress.  Much of the current data originates in DOORs, but I hope to provide links to the current version of design output, which would be stored in EPDM.   My goal is to allow casual viewers (ie management/auditors)  a viewport into the design using familiar tools (web browser) without having to understand the underlying structure of the design documentation.   I hope to use EPDM to act as the configuration management/ version control of the hardware design output, and DOORs as the control of the requirements, verification and tracability functions.  SW of course have their own source control and configuration management tools.      The web pages will then provide the linkage and navigation aids to combine the outputs of these differing design disciplines in manner which can easily be traversed.


Is there a way to use a URL to the latest version of a file which is stored in EPDM?   My goal is to provide a link in a web page which would allow the user to click once and view the design content ( probably as a PDF).   I envision that this would take the form of a query to a database, but haven't found much info on the parameters or structure of the query.


is there any help for me?