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Discussion created by Guest on Jan 17, 2006
Hi Todd.

As it states in most of my messages, I am development manager for routing. Many groups on here don't have any direct SolidWorks involvement. I chose to post on here because piping tubing & electrical are specialised applications so need a little more interaction than the more mainstream applications such as assemblies. It also helps me to get a feel for your requirements so helps me to prioritise future developments.

With regard to your other message. Fillets and fine detail in imported geometry is much less of an issue. Imported geometry is greatly simplified. You don't need to edit it so it does not have all of the feature, history and parametric data that is needed for fully functioonal feature based geometry,

With regard to reducing the number of configs, toolbox etc. You know which configurations you will need in your business so can create models with just the required configs. We have to supply models that will suit as many customers as possible so need to include all the configurations we can.

Many customers take a copy of the supplied library and modify it to suit their needs - including getting rid of configs they'll never use.

I hope that makes sense.

Development Manager - Routed systems.