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    How to filter a BOM

    Brian Dalton

      If I have some parts that are made in house and some that are purchased, and there's a property field in each part file that differentiates, can I define a BOM that will show only in house parts, one that shows only purchased parts?

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M



          I don't there is a straight method to achieve this. But however i found a way.


          1) Create Card Variables called Make or Buy on the Part / Assembly data cards (It could be a Drop Down List)

          2) In the Administration Panel, Select Bill of Materials, Select New Column and Select this Variable.

          3) Make Sure you Give the Permissions to all required users and Give Permissions to See and Activate Computed BOM

          4) In the Vault View Select an Assembly and Click on the Bill of Materials Tab and Save the BOM. Here you can add the required columns of the variables as Bought out List and Apply the filter button (Yellow Shaped Funnel) and select the variable based on you would like to filter the assembly.

          6) You need to select the enable filter option to keep this list and save this BOM.


          Hope this helps and let me know should you need more help.


          PS: I am also attaching the PPT for your better understanding.