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    Grouping annotation with dimension

    Jeff Rau

      Can a note or other annotation be grouped with a dimension in SW 2010?  I know that previous versions used to allow this (as long as the note and dimension were in the same view), but I can't figure out how to do this in 2010.




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          Wayne Tiffany

          I just tried it again and it seems to work fine for me. I have the Group items on the S hotkey and I find that I can't get to them as long as the new Palette is displayed.  Maybe that's what you are seeing happening?



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              Jeff Rau

              Hi, Wayne.  Thanks for the input.  I don't think that's the problem I'm seeing.  I have tried accessing the Group command through the menu bar and the right mouse button, but neither of those works when I have a dimension selected, even if I move the mouse away from the dimension to make the Palette go away.  If I have two notes selected, I can get to the Group command through either method.  I even tried adding the Group button to my S key to see if I could copy your success, but to no avail.


              I asked one of my coworkers about it, and he could not get it to work either, at least not in the way that he and I were used to it working.  We installed off the same adminstrative image, so maybe we both have a weird setting selected?