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What is the best "Font" for Engraving

Question asked by Krishh M on Jun 3, 2010
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We have CNC milling mahcine in our shop and our shop guys MasterCAM to run it. I want get lables engraved on aluminum piece. I want them to use 1/32 end-mill and run single line letter at required depth so that it will engrave the letter. But what ever font I see in SolidWorks text fonts, I dont see single line letter fornt like "Stick font" I see in the MasterCAM.


I could leave notes in drawing and let our shop guys create labes using MasterCAM but that is not how I want to document it. I would like to import such single line text on to solidworks/windows fonts so that I could use it on my model in solidworks and doument it in the drawing.


Can somebody advise me what is the best font they use for engraving in solidworks?





SW 2009 SP 4.0,

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