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Building a revision history manually...

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Jun 3, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2010 by Brian Dalton

This is in regard to importing existing data into a vault for a new EPDM installation.


Suppose I have a part 2001_A.sldprt and 2001_B.sldprt representing revisions A and B of my part.  I can place 2001_A into the vault, change its name to 2001.sldprt (removing the revision reference from the file name) and check it in, then release it to revision A using a workflow.


Now, I want to place 2001_B into the vault but not as a separate file, rather as the next revision of 2001.  Can I check out 2001 (rev A), then open rename 2001_B (outside the vault) to 2001.sldprt, then open 2001.sldprt (which is actually the B revision) and check it in?  It would be seen as a new version of the file in the vault, and then I could release that as rev B using my workflow.  Now both parts are listed in the vault as revisions A and B of a single part, wouldn't they?  Would this work?


I'd do a simple test if I had access, but I'm still in the process of getting the system approved, and having a plan for importing our existing files without losing the revision history would be a vital part of getting approval.