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    Building a revision history manually...

    Brian Dalton

      This is in regard to importing existing data into a vault for a new EPDM installation.


      Suppose I have a part 2001_A.sldprt and 2001_B.sldprt representing revisions A and B of my part.  I can place 2001_A into the vault, change its name to 2001.sldprt (removing the revision reference from the file name) and check it in, then release it to revision A using a workflow.


      Now, I want to place 2001_B into the vault but not as a separate file, rather as the next revision of 2001.  Can I check out 2001 (rev A), then open rename 2001_B (outside the vault) to 2001.sldprt, then open 2001.sldprt (which is actually the B revision) and check it in?  It would be seen as a new version of the file in the vault, and then I could release that as rev B using my workflow.  Now both parts are listed in the vault as revisions A and B of a single part, wouldn't they?  Would this work?


      I'd do a simple test if I had access, but I'm still in the process of getting the system approved, and having a plan for importing our existing files without losing the revision history would be a vital part of getting approval.





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          Jeremy Feist

          that should work. check out the rev A file, over-write it in your local vault view with the rev B file, and as long as the file name still matches, EPDM should be content that it is just a change to the same file.


          you will need to manuall check that all the custome properties are correct (no typos in part nmber and such).



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              Kent Keller

              I'm running into a similar problem.  I need to import a bunch of historical files from another PDM System.


              I can write a macro that will save them into the PDME vault, but I will need to set the dates in PDME so they will accurately represent the revision flow of that part.




              Part1.sldprt     Rev 0     7/21/2008

              Part1.sldprt     Rev 1     8/1/2008

              Part1.sldprt     Rev 2     6/15/2009

              Part1.sldprt     Rev 3     7/1/2010


              Putting them in order is not the problem.  Rolling back the dates is a problem.  I want to avoid backdooring the database.


              I simply need an API that can set the date against any revision history item.  Any ideas?



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              Matthew Lorono

              Might you be able to use Templates to do at least some of this activity?

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                Brian Dalton

                Just an update on our need...


                I occurred to me that even if I could create the new revision history as I was saying it would destroy all the references from assys to parts because they depend on the file name.  Creating a new revision history 'PDM-Style' would change all the parts' file names and thus obliterate my assembly linkages.


                As a result, we've decided to leave the legacy data as is when we change over (new parts would be handled by PDM in the usual way), with the proviso that for legacy files no further revisions would be allowed.  Any further design changes would require the issuance of a new part number, thus bringing the part into the PDM revision history method.